Next Production: Garden

by Alan Ayckbourn


Wednesday 26th to Saturday 29th October 2022

Fevered preparations for the annual village fete are well underway. Lindy and Barry lead the colourful set-up, occasionally interrupted by mysterious noises from nearby hedges, whilst an unconventional relationship between Pearl, Izzie and aloof gardener Warn unfolds around them. Amidst the manicured setting, gossip, affairs and petty feuds run rife. As a host of vibrant characters and troubled couples mingle throughout the day, emotions begin to unravel before sunset.



Lucille - Fabienne Posemme-Evans
Pearl - Kate Friday
Giles - Abi Reddy
Jake - Mani Lad
Izzie - Rosemary Eason
Lindy - Moira Stephenson
Gavin - Colin Horne
Barry - John Koch
Sally - Hannah Garner
Teddy - Nick Gulvin
Joanna - Shannon Hogan-House
Fran - Susy Worzencraft
Warn - Graham Allen
Trish - Liz Ashby


Directed by David Wilson and Barbara Oxley