Next Production: Holiday Island

by Paul Symonloe


October 25th to 28th October 2017

Check into this luxury 4 star hotel and enjoy some quality people watching, as couples unfurl their true colours whilst trying to relax among perfect strangers in the European sunshine.   They've earned their spot in the sunshine, but how will they bear the Spanish heat and that it has to offer?  What memories will be made?  What changes might come?  Will the Sangria go to their heads?! Will they find friendships and freedom in unlikely places?   Or will they remain a stubborn nub of the Britishness against the exciting backdrop of beautiful Spain? Grab your beach towel and reserve your seat for a good belly-chuckle, nudge, nod and a wink comedy base around 5 couples and their trip across to the continent.  A perfect grown-up's night out to celebrate 70 years of St John's Players treading the boards...


Box Office (01223) 210737

(5pm - 6.30pm)




Luis - Martin Hunt

Chas  - Simon Wheeler

Dicky - Ian Toombs

Reggie - Colin Horne

Vera - Prue Harrison

Brain - Ian Williamson

Joan - Sara Halse

Tony - Dean Ward

Tina - Andi Dodds

Mark - Abishek  Reddy

Lena - Rebecca Hawker

Hayley - Moira Stephenson

Maria - Grace Watkinson

Javier - Simon Deacon

Light - Anne Borakis

Britney - Emma Battom

Ryan - Ithan Butt


Directed by Jody Deacon and David Battom