Future Productions

(Programme subject to change)


The Memory of Water - May 2019

by Shelagh Stephenson

Three estranged sisters meet on the eve of their mother’s funeral. As they attempt to organise the funeral, alternative memories of their childhood wash over them and the secrets of their separate lives are revealed. Laughter and tears, memories fade, blur and persist as the sisters reminisce, watched over by the ghost of the mother to whom they are preparing to say goodbye.


TBC - October 2019




Communicating Doors - February 2020

by Alan Ayckbourn

How Ms Poopay Dayseer, a twenty-first century Specialist Sexual Consultant, whilst peddling her ‘services’ to an elderly hotel room client unexpectedly finds herself running for her life. How her flight through a communicating door brings her face to face with her own past and with Ruella who apparently died under suspicious circumstances twenty years earlier. And how Poopay’s gradual friendship with that remarkable woman changes the future for both of them…