Auditions: Cider with Rosie

Performance Dates: February 14th to 17th 2018



Cider with Rosie is a wonderfully vivid memoir of childhood in a remote Cotswold village, a village before electricity or cars, a timeless place on the verge of change. Growing up amongst the fields and woods and characters of the place, when the rural traditions of past centuries were being swept aside in the path of twentieth-century progress, Laurie Lee depicts a world that is both immediate and real but belongs to a now-distant past.



Audition Dates:

Monday 11th September 2017 7:45

Lead Character Laurie only


Monday 18th September 2017 7:45

All other characters


Auditions will take place in the Townley Hall at the Fulbourn Centre. CB21 5BS

Please email the directors for more information.



Laurie - (Narrator) The actor must employ all the vocal variety and skills of rhetoric of which he is capable otherwise it will be monotonous. He has to make every moment his own and convince us that he is Laurie Lee and these are his memories. He is conveying to us the intensity and immediacy of a poet’s vision and the excitement and urgency of such discoveries. He is part of the action and yet is not acting with anyone. Cider with Rosie was written when Laurie Lee was 45 so the actor could be 40-65 but off similar height to Loll. Lines: 424 (some parts can be read)

The family of Mother, 3 daughters and 3 sons are on for a large part of the play even if not speaking , they are often acting out narration from Laurie.

Mother – Easily distracted and flustered. Gentle but scatty. Has had a hard life  beginning in service and then taking over the care of her 3 step daughters, had a further 3 boys before husband left  - she expects him to return but he never does. Tends to reminisce and prefers to live in the past. Largely impractical but fond and indulgent to children.  Fetish for fine china. Jaunty spirit. Comfortable singing solo and unaccompanied. Needs to be good at remembering long speeches and poems. Age 40+ Lines:174  

Loll – Young Laurie needs to be young enough to convince as a child but old enough to cope with coming of age scenes. Teased by Phyll and Doth and competitive with Jack. Similar height to Laurie. Great if able to play the violin but not necessary.  Small section of Canadian accent. Solo singing. Lines: 81

Marge – Older Sister. Girls old enough to go out into Stroud by themselves and help with the darning. Often sings with mother. Blonde. Lines:34

Phyll – Older Sister. Mothers Tony and sits him on her lap. Girls old enough to go out into Stroud by themselves. Often sings with mother. Lines: 25

Doth – Older Sister.  Supports mother and often dresses the set. Girls old enough to go out into Stroud by themselves and be asked out. Often sings with mother. Lines 25

Jack – Greedy brother similar in age to Loll. They argue a lot and are quite competitive. Lines: 21

Tony – Younger brother and youngest child approx 3-4– still plays under the table fed by Mother. Other siblings protective of him. Could be played by a child. Lines :23

Miss B –The strict and scary teacher at the village school described as a bunched and punitive little body with sour yellow hair, the skin and voice of a turkey. Needs to be small/light enough to be picked up and put on a chair and be comfortable standing on a chair for a few moments. Lines:10 (P6-8)

Walt – School Boy. Charming and cheeky but struggles academically. Lines: 3 + chorus. (P6-11)

Spadge – School Boy. Fearless young man who stands up to Miss B. Tall and strong enough to lift Miss B. Lines 3 + chorus (p6-8)

Miss Wardell – new schoolteacher – authoritarian but less extreme than Miss B. Lines:3 (P8-10)

Granny Wallon – old lady 92 – a tiny white shrew – no teeth. Wine maker. Large white mob cap carrying a large basket covered with cloth, picks flowers. Lines:7 (p27 – 31)

Granny Trill – old lady approx. 90 - no vices – except snuff; carries a bucket to upturn and sit on. Frugal as a sparrow and simple in her ways as a grub. Nostrils like badger holes. Goes to the toilet in the woods – bright eyed like a small black partridge. Lines 54 (P27-31)

Mrs Davies  - Older woman looking after her dying husband Lines: 13(p31-32)

Mr Davies  - Old man dying of lung disease eats nothing but a handful of peas Lines :5(p31-32) 

Vincent - Returning former resident made good in New Zealand following being packed off to the colony as a pauper and comes back to brag of his life as a wealthy famer; knows all the older members of the village but no links to youth, Gets drunk and beaten to death  Approx. age 40. Lines:18 (p33-34)

Mrs Pinbury – Singer – rousing  - no lines but solo song about mushrooms (P42-44)

Baroness von Hodenburg  - German and posh. A natural performer if a little eccentric. Lines: 2 Solo song/poem (P43-44).

Vicar - His pyjamas peeping out from his raincoat when seeing off the bus. Later appears as MC for parochial tea. Lines :12 (p38-44)

Squire - Deerstalker hat and pince nez . Uncomfortable making speeches. Posh and older. Local employer.Lines:6 (p41 –44)

Uncle Sid – bus driver who drinks. The best double decker driver in Stroud without doubts even safer, more inspired when he drank. Line:1 (P38-44)

Jo -  Young attractive married woman who Loll “discovers” Suggestion of being undressed but mime only. Pale, lit faintly from within. Lines:3 (p45)

Rosie –Inducts Loll due to previous wide sexual experience of the other youth of the village. Young and attractive with burning  cheeks, yellow and dusty with buttercups, her hair was as rich as a wild bees nest and her eyes full of stings, Wears boots. Lines: 9 (p46 -48)