The Diary of Anne Frank (October 1966)


The Diary of Anne Frank (Redesign)
In recent years I have been to Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam, and I wept when I realised how authentic our set was. When we gathered for the first reading before casting Ron was not sure who he could use in the lead role. But the door opened and in walked a mother with her daughter who wanted to join – there was a stunned silence, as Louise was so like Anne she could have been her twin – a fact subsequently used in publicity! – and she could act. The play came alive and was an emotional experience for all.

Margaret Hunt

The most memorable one I acted in was The Diary of Anne Frank, because on the night of the auditions the door opened and in walked a young girl who was the image of the real Anne Frank. She also proved to be a good actress. What a tremendous stroke of luck!
Vera Germany

Letters to St John's Players from Otto Frank, Anne's Father

The Programme (50th Production)

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